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Promotion of Biogas in Västra Götaland

LoCaRe and Region Västra Götaland had the pleasure to invite you to a study visit on the topic of “Promotion of biogas”. They invited us on a “Grand Tour de Biogas” of Västra Götaland, starting in the second largest city, Borås, moving on to Falköping in the agricultural heart of our region and finishing in the bustling City of Göteborg, the transport hub of Sweden.

The tour included a quick look at innovative management of household waste, a visit to a large dairy farm with biogas production and a visit to Europe´s first public filling station for liquid vehicle gas.

Västra Götaland is one of the country's leading biogas regions. To strengthen Västra Götaland even further as a climate smart region, the three year programme, “Biogas West”, has been adopted. The programme offers biogas stakeholders in Västra Götaland a platform for their exchange of experiences, knowledge and collaboration to promote production and use of biogas (bio methane).

Biogas is a renewable fuel, which can solve waste problems and simultaneously contribute to a secure provision of energy as well as independence from fossil energy. Biogas development is also expected to increase local and regional employment, as Swedish industry and technology exports will benefit.

Speaker presentations:

Introduction to Västra Götaland´s biogas programme Hanna Jönsson, Biogas Manager, Region Västra Götaland, Environmental Secretariat

Visit at Sobacken, innovative management of household waste, producing heat and biogas. Anna-Karin Schön, biogas manager, Borås Energi&Miljö,

The Falköping model – a local biogas system Ida Helander, Sustainable development strategist, Municipality of Falköping

Joint action by local authorities Pascal Tshibanda, Coordinator, Bioenergy & Agribusiness, Association of Local Authorities in Skaraborg

How the City of Göteborg promotes delivery of organic waste - from large sources like restaurants and supermarkets to apartment houses and villas Emil Nilsson, Recycling Office, City of Göteborg

Programme of Tour

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