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Region of Southern Denmark
Capital Vejle. Number of inhabitants 51.000
Largest city Odense. Number of inhabitants 188.000



Density 98/km2


12.200 km2 



Region of Southern Denmark is one out of five administrative regions in Denmark established on 1st January 2007. The Regional Councils cannot collect taxes. The governing bodies of the regions are the regional councils composed of 41 members directly elected for four-year periods.


The Regions are responsible for health care, some social and psychiatric institutions and for regional development


The regional councils are headed by a president elected by the regional council amongst its members. The president of the Regional Council in Southern Denmark is Carl Holst from Denmarks Liberal Party (Venstre).


The number of municipalities in Southern Denmark is 22.

Business strength positions


The business structure in South Denmark is characterised by small and medium-sized companies.


In terms of employment the most important resource areas are: The construction industry, the food industry, medico/health care and transports.


The regional business show a specialisation primary within mechatronics but also within the food industry, tourism, energy and environment. Furthermore, the off-shore industry is distinctive to Southern Denmark and one of the strength positions of the region.


Compared to other regions in Denmark, Southern Denmark has a considerable number of companies in business sectors with low productivity and decreasing employment. Furthermore, the region has a low number of firms in highly productive business sectors.


Thus, the region is aiming at converting enterprises to growth by increasing existing business strongholds through the development of new areas of business – and by creating a basis for companies in selected sectors with high productivity.

Interest in LoCaRe


Climate and renewable energy have a high priority in the Region of Southern Denmark. As an example the Region is building a new CO2 neutral university hospital in Odense.


The LoCaRe project offers possibilities for cooperation with local authorities in South Denmark and regional and local authorities across Europe on specific methods to solve some of the climate challenges.


In doing so, the LoCaRe contributes to achieving two out of five important regional objectives: Increasing employment and reducing CO2-emissions. The Region is focused on methods to use the climatic changes as a driver to create growth and industrial development.  


Currently the Region is drawing up a new regional development plan and it is expected that the LoCaRe project contributes with valuable inputs and experiences from other regions in this process.  



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